Best Tools For Oracle Database Management 2020

Best Tools For Oracle Database Management

What is Database Management System?

A DBMS is a collection of tools, assistants, and utilities that helps manage, define, manipulate, and retrieve your data in the database system. The system also defines rules to validate your data.


When you store the business transaction and reference data in a DB management system, it enables quick and easy sharing, access to business data.

The following read curates the best Oracle Database (DB) tools available for your business firm.

Razor SQL

Check Out – It is compatible with Oracle and also supports several other DB environments. The suite has a dedicated Oracle DB browser and SQL editor to offer extensive functionalities.

The browser has table creation tools that speed up the related DB movements and coding process. You can customize your UI, which makes operating and maintaining multiple tables much easy and straightforward. RazorSQL presents its advantage to its users with its easy-to-use-and-access features.

Razon Sql Latest Uploads.Net.

The DB tool lacks a form builder, which is helpful to create safe and easy access to the DB. The SQL can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux Operating System. It is a paid tool with reasonable pricing.

SolarWinds DB Performance Analyzer

It supervises databases and detects any adjustments for DB queries and objects, which enables the enhanced utility of resources and decreases performance issues.

It has a DB performance monitoring tool that has similar behavior to a network performance monitor. The monitor tracks and prepares a list of attributes and sets thresholds with appropriate and acceptable status levels. This Analyzer implements the same method to its DBs’.

The advantage of this strategy is that the DB Administrators don’t have to monitor the live performance. The tool uses ML techniques for live tracking of data performance. The query analysis works on views, indexes, and objects to better the query response times. The tool installed on Windows Server can oversee cloud DBs’ on onsite instances with ease.

MySQL Workbench

It is a free SQL DB management tool developed by Oracle Corporation. The package design runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac Operating System.

You can access the utilities of the Workbench via a visual interface. The Editor helps in the object creation of your database and highlights with specific color-codes to indicate a syntax error. The Dashboard supports you to monitor the current DB speed.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

The users of SQL Server enjoy the benefit of this free tool developed by Microsoft Corporation. The graphical tool helps you design a database and table according to your requirements.

The tables created are displayed on the Object Explorer section of the database. You can name the objects as they run with the help of Template Explorer.


This Oracle Database is slightly different from others. It is not a DBMS management tool, but it is a fully functional DBMS. The system eliminates the worry of database organization. Upon creation of an invoice or query screen, the system auto-generates a DB at the backend that supports your new screen. The package consists of a template library that helps in creating new screen layouts.

It is a cloud-based service that wipes off the need to install any software. The ease of accessing the system through a web browser that can run on any OS platform eliminates the assistance of a DB or network professional. This feature makes it suitable for SMBs. Make yourself the right fit for these SMBs oracle entry-level jobs with professional consultancy from Techfetch.

Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro

It is specific to Mac users. You can install it on Mac OS 10.6 and higher versions. It is a free SQL tool, but if you are interested, you can make contributions to the developers. The Sequel Pro can communicate with MySQL DBs’ via an open computer network.

You can copy-paste the source code as it is an open-source project. The tool welcomes any coding contributions from professional programmers that get added to the software updates. Do you have plans to become a DB Administrator in Sequel Pro? Then Techfetch, a leading IT job consultant, help you acquire the right oracle entry-level jobs.

Regardless of the DB type that you are currently working with, it is better to have an automation tool that monitors your DB performance. The right tool helps you save time and potential network interruptions.


The above information highlights some popular Oracle Database Management tools of 2020 that are available in the market today. The demand for these tools will never cease to exist, and neither the want for the professionals to handle these DB tools. Techfetch is a leading IT job consultant who is aware of this Oracle Database professionals demand and helps you to get the right oracle entry-level jobs.

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