Data Use Policy

The site  usually segregates the private information from the users to provide better experience during your browsing.  The date is gathered by the SQL with the help of log files. The informations collected includes the Internet Protocol Address , Internet Service provider and type of browser. The site also promises that the privacy of the users to the site is of utmost importance and the required security software are already in place.

The SQL backup Master Site like every other sites use cookies to understand the users tastes and preferences and keep a record of certain data to give a customized experiencing on the site. However the same cookies can be set off by the users through their internet settings. This can be done at their own discretion as the site does not guarantee the same quality of service.

The Google also uses cookies to serve advertisements on the SQL Site as a third party vendor. The Site does not have any control over such third party cookies. You are at free will to read the privacy agreements of the third party server In this case , only the Google to understand the terms and conditions of those sites.

It is highly recommended to not use the site if you do not agree to the terms of the privacy mentioned above. The usage of your personal data is to provide an enhanced experience at our site. Personal Information is limited to your name, address and contact information collected from the electronic gadgets that is used in browsing of the site.