Risk Free Methods Of FTP Backup

File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files between the parent and recipient servers. With the widely developing file transfer tools, the FTP’s are getting outdated. FTP uses traditional and risk free methods to send files. The backup for these transfer histories should not be ignored. Also the installations of these backup services are easy to be introduced into any system workflow which is currently at use in your computers which uses FTP. Given below are the 5 best backup services.

  •         Livedrive:

This software readily protects your photos, videos, files and documents. They can be installed at your PC’s and Macbooks. This software complies wholly under FTP and provides integrated and easy file sharing facilities. Also Livedrives provide a wide range of features for businessmen to backup their files, websites and system configurations. The files which are being backed up by this software are stored locally. Livedrive goes well with NAS as well. The major drawback of livedrive is that it works only under certain specific plans.

  •         Adrive:

Adrive allows user to upload and download documents and it is easy to use as well. The additional feature of this software is that it allows clients to edit and modify documents. It also enables online collaborations, easy and secured file sharings and supports large number of files. Also it enables users to access their files from the Adrive using any FTP client code. Adrives provide high security backup and this facility makes it to be highly used by IT professionals. Like the Livedrive software, Adrive also works only under premium plans.

  •         Backop:

Backop provides reliable and secured backup services of FTP files. Unlike other softwares used for backup, Backop offer monthly plans and subscriptions of low cost and it is easy to use as well. Backop also provides facilities to download and upload files through FTP. This software is the best option to people who avoid complicated procedures for restoring files. It also lacks many important features which are offered by other backup softwares and thus people like business men and other professionals who rely on high quality backup should avoid considering this software to store their files.

  •         SOS:

The outstanding feature of SOS is its fast and high speed restoring and downloading facilities. But this software is highly not user friendly and includes complicated procedures. The software imposes no restrictions on the size of files and types of documents that can be downloaded. It also provides high security backups. The most important drawback of this software is that it does not allow users to upload files through FTP. It offers both paid versions and free packages with restricted capacities.

  •         MYPCBACKUP:

Like the SOS software, Mypcbackup wholly allows clients only to download and restore files. It does not allow users to upload files and documents. It also offers secured file sharing facilities. It imbibes within its plans few hidden costs and enforces restrictions on the files that can be downloaded. It provides a great range of options for backup.

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